​Christmas at Mother Holiday’s Café is a family tradition on the west side of Chicago. This year the Holidays are in need of a Christmas miracle because their matriarch is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, unable to cook, at risk of losing her café, and is now being cared for by her eldest son Joseph and his wife Mary who are in hopes of getting help from their children and Joseph’s younger brother Jerome to pull off this year’s festivities. Generations come together to face a painful truth and decisions are made to restore hope. 




Chicago IL 60660

Monday, September 30, 2019 6-9 pm (by appointment only)

Call Back Auditions Tuesday, October 1, 2019 6-9 pm 

Character Breakdown

​​1. Mother Holiday- Famous on Chicago’s Westside for the soul food at her self-titled café. A loving woman in her 80’s who is recently suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Mother Holiday does have some memories of her life, and Christmas’s of yester years but senses something is wrong.

2. Joseph Holiday – Late 50s a Chicago police officer. Mother Holiday’s eldest son is a devoted husband, and father who has recently been forced to take on the role of caregiver for his mother and brother in his home.
3. Mary Holiday – late 50s is Joseph’s wife a nurse with the soul of an angel who is retiring to help out with Mother Holiday. She’s determined to convince her brother-in-law and their children J.R. and Katherine to help with their matriarch.
4. Jerome Holiday: Joseph’s younger brother late-40’s, a womanizing momma’s boy with the mentality of an arrogant college freshman and often laughs at his own jokes. He has always lived with his mother and has recently moved with her to his brother’s home.
5. Katherine Holiday- Late-20s Joseph and Mary’s youngest child is a talented designer who owns a neighborhood boutique called The Right Fit she has granted an opportunity of an apprenticeship in Paris to elevate her skills as designer. Will she accept?
6. J.R. Holiday – Mid- 30s Joseph and Mary eldest child has been a soldier since graduating high school and is finally coming home for this Christmas at the request of his father.
7. Scott/Illinois Lottery – Mid 20s Katherine’s high school sweetheart and a cook at Mother Holiday’s Café who grew up on the same neighborhood block and wants to help the family.
8. Pam/Radio Announcer - Mid-30’s old family friend and owner of a caregiver organization “Mom’s Way”. Pam also grew up in the neighborhood and has been hired to assist with Mother Holiday.

Time Commitment:

rehearsal schedule Nov. 6-8 6-10 pm, Nov. 9 2-6pm

Nov. 12-15 6-10 pm, Nov. 16 2-6pm

Nov. 19-22 6-10 pm, Nov. 23 2-6 pm

Tech December 1-7 6 pm- ?

Opening December 1, 2019

Closes on December 22, 2019

Run performances Thursday-Sunday

* The roles of Jerome Holiday, Scott, and Pam have been cast.

What to prepare:

1-2 minute contemporary contrasting dramatic and comedic monologue sides will be given for call back

16 bars of a Christmas or Gospel song

No pay serious inquiries only need apply

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